Friday, 30 November 2018

How to get foreign clients by sending SMS to the USA

We offer you a platform to send text messages to the USA with quality assurance. Bulk SMS services in India allows you to manage mass SMS sending through SMS API ( SMS gateway or SMS gateway ) to include the sending of SMS in your software (CRM, ERP). We also offer an web panel that allows you to  send text messages to the USA with direct routes .
How to send text messages to the USA with quality assurance
The quality guarantee lies in the use of direct routes to send SMS to the United States. It is the best possible connections with the destination cell phones. When you use these routes, the messages are not delayed on arrival at the destination cell. SMS always arrive at the consignee of the shipment. To achieve the highest quality you must use direct routes and shortcode sender (short number).
We use the direct routes
Bulk SMS service in India uses direct routes. Other providers may not use direct routes, because they are more expensive or use senders of the longcode type (long number). This choice implies that enough text messages will not reach the destination cell phone. Telephone operators can block low-quality routes, as they are sometimes used to carry out mass advertising that is not allowed. Other times, its traffic is relegated by its low priority, this causes SMS to take hours to be delivered to the terminal by Bulk SMS services in India.
Sending SMS to operators in the US and other countries in America
Bulk SMS service provider  in India lets you send text messages to the US with quality assurance to all cell phone operators: AT & T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Verizon, etc. It will be a pleasure to offer you a test account so that you can check the quality of our service yourself.
Direct and high-quality routes are also available to send texts to countries in Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc. With a single account you can send SMS to countries in Latin America. The quote of Bulk SMS Service in India will be different for each one, but the shipment is done with a single account. Check the  costs of sending SMS .
Send SMS with link to mobile web
If you would like the text of your SMS to include a link to a mobile web, you can get it with the  SMS web platform Altiria360. It helps you create mobile websites from templates and then quote them in the message text:  SMS landing . Edit the contents in a visual way, adjust the style and colors to adapt it to your logo and brand image.


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