Saturday, 29 September 2018


It's a fact: we connect to the internet from the mobile rather than from the computer. As per a survey by Top Bulk SMS Marketing Companies in India, almost  40% of Indian citizens , the  smartphone  is their main connection device, compared to the 32% that the computer chooses.
This data from Top 10 SMS Gateway Providers inDelhi, represents an increase of 9 points to a year earlier and 20 points compared to the quota it had three years ago. In addition, around 95% say they have entered the network with their mobile on occasion. That is,  we carry our internet access in our pocket . Therefore, we can navigate anytime and anywhere: from the subway, in the waiting room of the dentist, in the queue of the cinema or while we wait for the dessert in our favorite restaurant.

The mobile changes our habits, says Top 10 SMS Gateway Providers in Delhi

Effectively, immediacy has also been transferred to our internet access. We always carry it and  we can consult, immediately, how much we need : confirm the address to which we are going, validate a technical data or check the price of an offer on the website of Top Online SMS  Marketing Companies in India.
So much so that if, by mistake or failure, we go out without our cell phone, we feel constrained, insecure and minimized. Who was going to tell you a few years ago? The  smartphone  has gone from being a means of portable relationship with our peers to become a  generator of valuable information, useful and immediate .

Advantages of marketing sms

That's why, now more than ever,  sending sms to your customers' mobiles  is an extraordinary opportunity. It allows to establish direct relationships with them, through personalized and exclusive messages. 96% of people who receive an SMS read it and the cost-effectiveness of this advertising is enormous. Finally, the report of each action provided by SMS Marketing Service Provider in Delhi, is quantified almost immediately, so it is easy to adjust the decisions to optimize the results.

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