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How Bulk SMS Services Help General Insurance Sector in India

How Bulk SMS Services Help General Insurance Sector in India

There are about 24 general insurance companies in India operating under very competitive conditions. It is important for them to engage new customers as well as retain existing ones and bring value addition through a direct communication channel. SMS is one of the best ways to reach out directly to a person, whether he is an existing client or a prospective one.

Bulk SMS services for general insurance sector in India bring about numerous benefits depending on the ways it is used.

Policy renewals and reminders
Customers tend to forget the policy renewal dates with the result that their policy may relapse. This can be prevented by the simple expedient of sending bulk SMS to those whose policies are about to expire. This can be an opportunity for insurance companies to use bulk SMS to push value added offers to existing customers.

Bring in new customers
Bulk SMS is an invaluable tool for general insurance companies to reach out to potential customers and increase business. It becomes the initiator of a conversation that could lead to the person ultimately buying a policy.

Claims related
Customer satisfaction depends a lot on how their claims are handled. Customers expect claims to be processed expeditiously and to be kept informed. Once a customer files a claim then the insurance company can use SMS to keep him informed of developments. SMS can also be a tool to let customers know if they have to submit additional documents or follow further processes. Once a claim is settled the SMS path can be used to elicit feedback that helps insurance companies improve services. It also shows insurance companies care for their clients.

Wishing them joy of the season
Insurance companies have details like date of birth and can use it to send SMS wishing a client happy birthday. SMS can be used to send our greetings on festivals and establish stronger relationships. It helps build loyalty too.

An insurance company may introduce changes to its system and clients may remain unaware. SMS is one of the best ways to let customers know about policy changes and service updates.

The best thing about bulk SMS for insurance is that it enables direct communication and generates instant response. A user may not access his email but his smart phone is always switched on and with him. Phone users check messages immediately and even respond if the message is of interest. 
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